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Farmland sometimes is taken too much for granted, as the population grows our farmland is shrinking.  Will it come back?  No.  Connecticut has  a unique microcosm of agriculture, with all sorts of unique products and resources.  The Farm strongly believes in the community understanding the land finding challenge of the farmer, especially the young farmer in our state.  Farmer's need land in order to raise crops, livestock, and for running a home base off of.  This challenge for beginning farmers sometimes seems insurmountable.  Our family farm, parents Lou & Carol, four sons in their 30's Mike, Ben, Andrew, Stephen and their families, have operated The Farm since 1988.  We have been "care takers of the land" for many people in Woodbury and surrounding towns.  Our reputation for being environmentally conscious, polite, and respectful of others land has spoken for itself.  As our family grows, and so does the respect and need for increased local agricultural products so does our need for land.  We put this page together to bring more light on agricultural awareness in our Connecticut.

We are looking for additional acreage to produce, hay, vegetables, pumpkins, corn, and maple syrup crops.  The Farm would rent, rent to own, or trade an amicable amount of product for this use.  We are not just any farm, we are The Farm, and we understand agriculture and how it adds to our community in a healthy way.  We would love to hear from you if you have land available for agriculture use in a 50 mile radius of Woodbury.  -

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The Farm Crew

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"Connecticut Farmland Trust (CFT) is the only land trust in the state dedicated to the protection of our family farms. Since our founding in 2002, we have protected over 2,500 acres of farmland ourselves, and have helped our partners protect nearly 1,000 additional acres. In spite of our efforts and those of our partners, every year Connecticut loses 20% more farmland than it saves. If we hope to have a vital regional food economy in the years to come, that pace is unsustainable." - Connecticut Farmland Trust

Learn about the history of CFT and our mission, from Interim Executive Director, Elisabeth Moore.

Land, for farms, forever.

"There are over 4,900 family farms in Connecticut today and every year more young farmers are joining the field. Yet for every farmer under 35, there are six over 65. In the next 20 years, more farmland will go up for sale than ever in our history. But with the cost of farmland in Connecticut among the highest in the nation, very few farmers can afford it.

Our farmland soils will be sold — that much is certain. But will they go to a farmer? Or will they grow the last crop: buildings, parking lots…

When CFT protects a farm, the cost of the land is greatly reduced, putting it within the reach of a farmer to buy. By keeping the costs of farming lower, CFT is helping to sustain active family farms – and farmers — in Connecticut.

Most importantly, when CFT protects a farm, that land is guaranteed for agricultural use – forever. It took 4.5 billion years to create the soil we need to grow the food we eat. With over 90 million people living within just one day’s drive of Connecticut farms, CFT is making sure that resource will be here forever – feeding today and tomorrow’s America."

- Connecticut Farmland Trust


CFT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that depends upon the loyal support of members. With your help, we can protect the soul of our communities and the future of our food.  By joining CFT, you can save Connecticut’s family farms. Join us today!