Our family is important to us. 

We believe that our customers think the same about theirs.

Let's feed our bodies & souls with wholesome real foods; produced as local as possible by caring farmers and their families. 

Brothers & Farmers: Michael, Benjamin, Stephen Berecz with Carole Peck of Good New's Cafe. Photo taken in our fall squash field 2016.

At The Farm, we grow and raise many of the ingredients that we too use for our family dinning table. Simple things, simple times have lead us years later to where we are today.  We started out not realizing how far we'd to go able to preparing an entire dinner from our farm.  We are proud of our produce, and products such as grass fed meats, syrups, and sauces.  Our challenge to ourselves is to use as much home grown things in our meals, this has lead us to where we are.  What a fun challenge!  Fruits of our own labor.  We hope you stock your pantry, freezer and fridge with these same products we use at home.  We will describe what and why we produce or have chosen to carry these products on this page of our site.  Lot's      more here to come!  Make sure to check out or Online Shop or  download our app to check out these new items that will come   up seasonally.  





Rendre l'ancien nouveau!  ~ Making the old new again!

Through the years we believe some things got lost in translation.  "What are they talking about?", you ask? 

young woman choosing vegetables on a market

Back years ago, before additives, packaging, and worldwide shipping lanes; products you would find in a grocery store were different.  Things were, do we say, real?. For example bacon; smoked naturally for flavor and cured with gains of salt; not injected with nitrates and other artificial flavors instead of time consuming smoking. Unfortunately the later is what so many of us are accustomed to today.  We can state example after example, it's not our intention to say humans haven't made tremendous progress in the area of our food chains; but are they safe?  Is it what we should or want to be eating?  We believe this is a personal decision; we can only do our best here to "keep it real" offering our honest, simple ingredients for                                                                                                                    you and family.  We will provide a channel for other local                                                                                                                              responsible farmers, bakeries, butcheries, dairies, and artisan                                                                                                                        food items.

Couple shopping in a supermarket

Our Products & Other's in Our Pantry

Honestly Heirloom-7448.jpg

Honestly Heirloom Marinara

Our simple ingredient tomato sauce.  This sauce is chunky, bold tomato flavor, with a bit of garlic and herbs.  No sugar added; there's no need with our great sun ripened heirloom tomatoes.  A perfect item for the pantry, this sauce goes well with many different vegetables and meats that we raise on The Farm.  Don't forget the pasta! 

This brief video about the production of our Honestly Heirloom Marinara. See the fields, tomatoes, and what goes into the sauce. All, locally produced packing, label, and of course our produce.