Farmstead Location

281 Weekeepeemee Rd. Woodbury, CT

Painting by Thomas Adkins

Painting by Thomas Adkins

Woodbury, in Litchfield County, is located in west-central Connecticut along the Pomeraug River. Formerly Pomperaug Plantation, the area was settled in 1659 and Woodbury was split off and named as a town in 1673. The Pootatuck path (an early Native American trail), crossed what is now Woodbury’s Main Street. The area was named Woodbury in recognition of its function as a “dwelling place in the woods.” An early agricultural community, today Woodbury is known for its Colonial-era homes, antiques and resurgence of artisan agricultural goods.


Take a ride to the countryside! Make a day trip to woodbury

Embark on a day filled with memorable family time. Enjoy a lunch or dinner at one of the many terrific restaurants dotting the Woodbury landscape; take a peak at trip advisors suggestions here. Walk our fields or take the “hop on hop off” hayride express to move around the farm’s activities and agricultural education exhibits. See and touch tractors, learn about what farm equipment does and how things grow. Interested in corn mazes, or never been? Try our’s by first watching a brief video in the intro barn and then enter the corn maze, have a ball collecting clues, trivia, locate the map “maize-o-vision” readers to ‘see your map’. Up the steps in the middle of the maze to an overlook area (a terrific photo spot). Before you go be sure to pick your own, or pickup some of our produce and local products at the farmstand. Enjoy a memorable relaxed family experience only a farm can provide while helping local family farms stay viable by your visit. Tickets are available. Location and Hours can be found on the ticket purchase page. Tickets are also available at the gate.

U-Pick & Fall Corn Maze

Farmstead will open August for visitors. This 49 acre farm is only a small part of The Farm, but a fun part! The front 16 acre field is brimming with produce to pick. In the Fall, pick your own pumpkins, hayrides, and a corn maze will also begin. Admission tickets will be available online and at the farm-stands.

Bring the family for fun, while picking.

Bring the family for fun, while picking.


Bring the kids out for some fun! Make family memories while walking and picking vegetables in the U-Pick area of fields. U-Pick admission is included in our early U -Pick ticket and the U- Pick plus Maze Fall ticket. The veggies of the week will be posted at Farm stand locations. Vegetables you harvest will be purchased by weighed and paid for at the stand; pricing will be posted before you pick. Our goal with U pick is to have you and your family have a genuine farm experience. Learn how to harvest, see how the vegetables grow, and get out for some fresh air and sun. Our crew will be there to direct you to the perfect spot, and guide you in harvest as needed. The admission fee helps off set the operational aspects of running a farm, including paying a fair living wage to all our crew members.

2019 Theme is all about Dinosaurs

2019 Theme is all about Dinosaurs

Corn Maze

Are You Ready to Get Lost?

Come Explore of Dinosaurs in the Corn!  Get lost and find your way out of our 4 acre corn maze!  Learn facts about dinosaurs while on your trek. Are you and your crew up for some outdoor fun?  Learn facts, gather puzzle hints and explore the corn! A kids maze is built into our maze, gather colors on the hint boards located throughout the maze and play games as you go! Find the Maize-O-Vision Map decoding stations to find your way through.  Visit Our Corn-Maze page here.

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The Farm’s Pumpkin Patch

Opening in September. Our pumpkins are growing all summer, so many types and sizes to choose from!