Week 14 Summer CSA

Good Morning!

This week in the basket :

Sweet Corn


Graffiti Eggplant


Spaghetti Squash

Carrots - New Crop Small and tender

Refrigerate these items:




Sweet Corn

Leave on counter away from sun:

Spaghetti squash


Pick - Up:

Pickup is on your normal pickup day this week.

Reminder! Call if you are running late, we can leave it behind the shop if after 6 pm. Gotta call BEFORE 6 though! 203.266.9149


~ Going from Summer to Fall. We are gearing up for our next 10 week CSA program. If you are looking to sign up time is a wasting!

~ The Bethlehem Fair went great! Nice to see all our awesome CSA members check out our booth. I hope you were as proud as we were about the way it looked :-)

~ Tuesday - We are short staffed today (Tuesday). You may find it taking a bit longer to get checked in, PLEASE be patient, Renee can not help us out today, and with school back in Olivia and Riley are only there after 2:45. Leaving Mike & Amanda checking in and selling.

See you soon,


P.S. We Remember 9/11 and know many directly affected our thoughts and prayers go out to them.