Mother Nature is a bit cranky... well at least regarding the maple season.  Normally we Tap Valentines Day (February 14th), and the season runs until about the first of April.  This year however, the weather is all over the place.   We need nights that freeze and days that warm above freeing to create a "run" of sap from the maple trees.  It is then brought to the sugar house to boil the water off and filter the remaining syrup.  We have been boiling but not on the weekends for the open-house/demo days that folks over the many years (we've been producing maple syrup for almost 40 years now) have gotten accustomed too.  We wanted to let eveyone know that we are still producing maple syrup, just not on the weeknds for the open houses.  It's just how mother nature is working.  The sap is like milk, in where it can spoil,  it needs to be boiling fresh to make the best syrup.  There's no "waiting" until the weekend to boil it.

If and when things change in March we will update here on this blog, and in a post on our two Facebook pages.  Great idea to follow us , " The Farm, Woodbury CT" , and "Woodbury Sugar Shed"

Thanks for reading and understanding,

The Farm & Sugar Shed Crew