Mid Winter's Root Vegetable Tote

Let us provide the inspiration!

Create warm homemade simple meals using these fine ingredients.  

Stored lovingly for this moment. Harvested from our fields in late autumn and brought to your home in this cold mid-winter.

Available for a limited time. Local or Shipped to your door!*

Bring home the local produce goodness from your family farm.

In this cloth reusable tote bag you can find over 16 pounds of kitchen inspiration!:

  •  The Green Cabbage is so versatile! Terrific in stuffed cabbage, or a slaw using the carrots and onions also found in this assortment.

  • Totally the best mashing Potatoes ever. Use these roasted, mashed, or even in that scallop potato recipe your grandmother used to make!

  • Sweet Potatoes rock! Make your own non-fried baked potato fries. Slice, toss in EVOO & sea salt, bake at 425 until golden brown. Make a dip of mayo, lemon juice, pinch of sea salt, and a bit of garlic to taste. So Good!

  • Yellow Onions are a kitchen staple. Why not have the best ones? Local Ones.

  • Orange Carrots that will knock your socks off! Use these long delights in humus, roasted, or even in soups. Jammed packed with all those great vitamins too.

  • Purple Top White Turnips are great roasted like the above sweet potatoes. They are often mashed with a bit of butter like our English customers prefer. 

  • Red Beets; the talk of TV and internet lately. These are REAL beets, no powder here! Prepare these roasted, boiled, pickled, or shaved raw in salads. The health properties of this root are stunning!  

  • Parsnips, the old fashioned favorite of yesteryear is making a huge comeback! Have you tried these? Great in soup stocks, cock pot roasts, roasted, pureed and served with lamb. Add flavor to that chicken soup, not to mention vitamins!

This tote is available while supplies last, and for a limited time. Pick-Up or Delivery!

For Pickup at Woodbury Floral Designs 15 Hollow Rd. January 26th - February 2nd during store hours. Monday - Friday 9:30-5/ Saturday 9:30-2/ Sunday Closed.

For Delivery we will ship during that same time window as above. Please allow 2 days for shipping. Average cost of shipping within CT is $14.00