Week 12 Summer CSA with Pizzazz!


Let's Do This!


Thank you for your time shareholders.



This message will self destruct in 5 mins. so take 5 and give a look see...

Week 12?! do you believe it?

Summer is flying by. Children are headed back to school, and the daylight is fading. However, the heat will not give up! WOW! On our app (the link is also available on our website at the bottom page menus titled "The Farm Beet"; there you can also find the recipes.

It's now that we could use your continued support as we march forward to the Fall CSA program in a little under 7 week's away.

If you have already signed up for the fall/winter; thank you!

Pick up is at Woodbury Floral Designs- ON YOUR PICK UP DAY


Mike feels like a broken record....


15 Hollow Rd., Woodbury CT. If you can not make it in time to pick up, please notify us at 203.266.9149 BEFORE 6 PM of your pickup day.

We can NOT supply you a basket if you do not call before 6 pm the day that you are to pickup. That would mean we'd be harvesting your basket and giving to the food bank and then using produce again which was to be sold (like 2 csa shares for one person). This is unfair to the other CSA member's.

Giving back to those in need


ALL baskets not picked up on your pick up day will be donated to the Woodbury Food Bank.

On top of any baskets which we need to breakdown that are not picked up, we also donate many items off of the farm stand. We are firm believers that helping others in our unique way growing food for others is the right thing to do.


What's In Store and going forward too.

We like to thank all our members by offering a 10% discount on anything in the shop! Whether it's more produce, our farm raised meat, sauce, syrup, spices, or flowers and gifts- it's our way of showing you our appreciation for your patronage.

We now have a list available on our app; updated every Monday of what we areplanning on harvesting for that given week for the stand. We have also started carrying a line of micro greens and organic lettuce mixes after many members have asked for lettuce. These are available in the cooler near the dairy and eggs. We'd love your feed back on the new product! It is also a local farm we are working with to bring you them. Because they only last a few days we will only to continues to carry f the demand is high enough. Our goal isn't to make more money with it; but to offer it as another meal planning item to our CSA and Harvest Card members during the off season of our lettuce and greens production (August - September) when it's too hot to grow good quality lettuce out of doors.

Fall/Winter CSA is OPEN

It may be summer still, but we are deep into the planning stages of the Fall/Winter CSA program. Enjoying the summer session? Then let our family feed yours for the rest of the year!

Our fall/winter program begins immediately after the summer program ends.

Your support of our program is allowing our family to do BIG things this year. I can't quite tell you what that it yet... but it will be a game changer for our family farm and our community!

Click here to learn more about the program and reserve your spot!


Farm Fresh News

Summer started hot and dry, went to hot and humid, and now hot with more rain than our fields can take. What gives mother nature?

This is the third wettest August on record. That says volumes about how we feel being tied to the land. WOW!

We had intentions and plans to grow certain things this past month or two. Some have done terrific! Others not so good. Not because we are "bad farmers" but due to things out of our control. We ask you to bare with us; we are working on adding diversity back into the CSA basket. They never said farming was easy I guess. We really do appreciate all your support as we bring you the highest quality freshest, most environmentally friendly produce we can.


What's in the Basket! Accept the Produce week 12 Challenge! You can do it! :-)


did you know... The farm families eat this basket like you do each week? we love to hear your feedback and recipes on the Facebook closed group. Let's get cooking! Afraid? Oh come on now, keep it simple and deep you can succeed. We are all here to help one another do this.

Share for 2:

  • Tomatoes-Heirloom and Round Red both Field Grown
  • Beets with tops (a smaller new planting)
  • Shishito Peppers (oh now; give them a try first; read more in the app or blog)
  • Colorful Pepper (s) Bell, Fryer, etc.. all sweet! :-)
  • Kale - Green - KALE LOVERS REJOICE
  • Parsley (Sorry, we are not swapping this item; only putting back this herb this week if you don't like or use it. We ask why however it's freaken delicious! AND jam packed with IRON and a fresh breath maker too!)
  • White Eggplant (Don't worry! It's smaller we promise! Oh, and there's many great recipes to try to use up this tasty veg on the app and blog)

Family Size:

Same, larger quantities. Feed that growing family!

Fruit Shares:

Yellow Peaches, Zester Sweet Apples, Yellow Nectarines and Italian Plums

Care for this week's secret ingredients:

Peppers, Beets and Eggplant: Store in fridge- best if used within 3 days, will last 5-7 days in the crisper.

Kale & Parsley, rinse under cold water (if it is 100 degrees on pickup day, then we recommend washing yourselves off too!), store in damp dish towel in refrigeration for up to 4 days; though we really should eat it sooner to get all those terrific vitamins out of it. Note: store bough greens are hydro cooled making them last weeks! Keywords are "making them" they aren't as fresh as farm greens for sure!

Tomatoes: OMG DO NOT REFRIGERATE (DNR; because they will be pretty much dead). If you would like them riper, simply leave them on a windowsill, otherwise leave them on your kitchen counter. Will last up to a week, depending on ripeness. We recommend using the heirloom tomatoes first. They are full of flavor (sugars) and are thinner skinned (like some at the farm) so they will begin leaving that tomato fermentation we all know too well on your counter. Enjoy them while they are in season :-)

See App or Our Blog " The Farm Beets " For recipes this week

We also encourage members to join our closed Facebook group called CSA 2018 click here to join



You've completed your CSA assignment of week 12 by reading this email. Thank you! This means our time wasn't a waste in writing this! (We could've been working on the very crops we just talked about instead)

Amanda suggests a "secret code" to let CSA members grab an extra tomato for getting to the bottom of this email by reading it.

This week's code is: BRING ON THE PIZZAZZ

Thank you for your support of our Farm. We are excited to begin a new season and glad you're along to watch how we GROW



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