Week 6 CSA Newsletter

From Our Farm To Your Table

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What's In The Basket This Week

  • Beets

  • Tomatoes

  • Cucumbers

  • Swiss chard

  • Eggplant

  • Patty Pan Summer Squash

  • Mizuna

  • Cauliflower (IF the weather was OK to them)

How to Store Your Bounty Until Use

Always no matter where your produce & fruits come from, WASH BE FORE USE.

  1. GREENS - Keep greens like swiss chard and mizuna crispy by washing under cold water straight away and then wrapping in a damp clean dishtowel. Store in the crisper of a produce draw of your fridge until ready to use.

  2. TOMATOES - NEVER be refrigerated as it changes the texture and flavor. Best to leave on a window sill in the kitchen.

  3. BEETS - Break off tops and store as a green (note above). The beets themselves will keep without the tops much longer especially in the fridge. The greens are 100% delicious! Eat them first and then the bottoms as you like.

  4. CUCUMBERS - Store unpeeled in the fridge.

  5. EGGPLANT - Store in the fridge or out of the fridge if using within a day or two. FRESH eggplant most likely will have thorns on stem. Be careful they don't bite you!

  6. PATTY PAN SUMMER SQUASH - a play on yellow summer squash, use the same way, or try a new cooking way too! Extremely versatile, and flavorful squash. Keep on counter top for up to 3 days or refrigerate if room allows to keep longer.

  7. CAULIFLOWER - If Available for harvest. Store in the fridge, soak in a salt water solution in a mixing bowl for 15 mins before use. We do NOT spray, and it is caterpillar season. Do not be alarmed. WE Believe the percentage to be quite low, but would recommend the soaking as a precaution. You may simply look as you chop as an alternative.

Remember! Ask questions at pickup - it's our time to talk.

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In Other News...


We've been planting, growing, and now harvesting on our farm's additional location this summer. We are very excited to announce an additional farm-stand, U Pick, and Corn Maze- Fall Fest coming soon!

We are also discussion having CSA members tour the fields for a couple cooler evening hours on a weekend. Information is evolving hourly. Look for additional information to follow soon!

Check out the new web page here.

Cutting of The Corn Maze

This past week we had a very cool first of a time thing happen at our farm. The GPS corn maze cutter visited the new Dinosaur Themed Corn Field.

We are opening August 30th and Running the maze until November 3rd. Tickets are available now! Use code "buy1" to receive a buy one get one offer. LIMITED TIME


Produce at Your Pickup

Please don't forget to look around the shop while your here for pickup. We have many, many new items hitting the stand! Take advantage of your Harvest Card or 10% Discount! There's so much in that small shop. Fruits, Cheese, Eggs, Ice Creams, Meats, Bacon (out of this world!), chocolate, unique pasta and lots more too!

Amanda is away.

Amanda has left Mike to fend for himself. Yes, it's fine. While Amanda and the kiddos are enjoying the lake for 2 weeks, please use this email address to reach us

info@thefarmwoodbury.com (respond to this email is fine too. There will be now flower-shop flowers available until she returns... FYI

Alternatively call 203.263.4550 and when prompted choose Farmstand CSA

Thanks for supporting our farm!

Eat Healthy - Eat Local

Mike & The Farm Crew