Week 10 CSA Newsletter

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What's In The Basket This Week

  • Sweet Corn - Farm's Famous Variety - See article BELOW

  • Armenian Cucumber - Very few seeds even when large. Sweet & Tender

  • Sweet White Bell Peppers - Not as sweet as a red, but not as harsh as a green.

  • Red Tomatoes - Solid - Sweet and Sun ripened

  • Green onions - Use in salads, soups, sandwiches, stir fry

  • Orange Carrots - Raw or cooked so sweet!

Be sure to check out the blog for recipes that maybe a different approach than you normally would use. Switch it up! You might like it :-)

How to Store Your Bounty Until Use

Always no matter where your produce & fruits come from, WASH BE FORE USE.

  1. CORN - Store in fridge. Use within the week, understanding each day will be a little less "sweet". Best used sooner than later. - YOU MAY FIND A TIP WORM - SEE ARTICLE BELOW on WHY and how to use.

  2. SWEET PEPPER - Store in crisper for up to a week.

  3. CUCUMBER - Best in fridge, however it can be left out of direct sun on a counter for a few days until use. - Careful! They break easy.

  4. GREEN ONION - Store in the fridge (5 days) . Rinse before use.

  5. TOMATOES - Place in your favorite tomato counter, shelf or window sill space too ripen. DO NOT refrigerate These puppies are real, not the winter ones, as it will change flavor and texture.

  6. CARROTS - Should be refrigerated due to it's tenderness. Use within the week. May become limp in 4 -7 days; still usable.

Remember! Ask questions at pickup - it's our time to talk.

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We've located and tried many of these terrific recipes, more can be found on The Farm Beet Blog - A Recipe archive that is now searchable by vegetable :-)

In Other News...

The Farm's Famous Sweet Corn

We wait all year for this month! :-)

August is chock full of a great variety of locally grown produce. One of which items, The Farms Sweet Corn, is in it's prime. Unfortunately so are the ear worm. Corn Borer is an insect that loves corn as much as all of us do. MOST corn ears are unaffected, but if you do get one simply cut off the tips of your corn before husking. Our corn is NON-GMO (this corn worm is one reason that GMO corn had begun; folks were complaining about the worm, and leaving the yields for the farmer much lower, even though the corn is still edible.) We also do not spray the corn. These little visitors com in on the trade winds from the south and set up camp in our corn fields. they don't spend all winter here though.

Hope you enjoy the corn while its here as much as we do too!

~ Mike


Our Farmstand located at 281 Weekeepeemee Road had it's first week open!

So many neighbors, CSA members, and folks out for a drive. Please note that Harvest Cards are also accepted there, along with the 10% CSA discount.

Hours of the stand (limited fruits, no pantry, dairy, or meats):

Monday Closed

Tuesday - Friday 1-6 pm

Sat & Sunday - 10-4 pm

As normal, The shop at 15 Hollow Rd Hours are:

Monday - Closed

Tues. 1-6

Weds, 10-5

Thursday 10-6

Friday 10-5

Saturday 10-3:30

Sunday Closed

Corn Maze Update

So Close!

Game stations are going in. The crew have been busy still removing rocks and debris. The bridge is done! We start on snow fence to direct the folks to the maze and parking. Much still yet to do, so Mike is hard to find these days. We are booking school groups, and working on press to advertise our farm. This maze isn't just a fun fall thing to do, it's also a great way to help create income required to keep the farm running after last year's horrible growing weather.

Thanks for all your well wishes!



Please don't forget that we have lots of extra produce for sale to our CSA members (10% discount), Harvest Card Holders, and of course the public. Know anyone interested in eating fresh and local? Help us grow to offer an improved variety of produce year after year.

Fall - Winter CSA SIGN UP

It maybe hot outside, but we are looking and planting ahead! Now is the time to act! We are only accepting enrollment for the next 60 days. Program begins after our summer one

CSA signup is OPEN ONLINE IT will stay open until September 23rd. We also take partial payments towards a share in store, throughout the next 8 weeks. To find out more information regarding this 10 week Fall CSA see the link below.

Fall-Winter CSA Page

Thanks for supporting our farm!

Eat Healthy - Eat Local

Mike & The Farm Crew