What's in the Basket!


Share for 3:

Green Lettuce



Bok Choy




Family Size:

Same, larger quantities


Fruit Shares:

Strawberries from Dzen's Berry Farm and local cherries


What's Mizuna??

Mizuna is a feathery and delicate salad green from Japan. It is often found in mesculin mix and has a slight peppery flavor, but not as spicy as arugula. It can be eaten raw, sauteed, used in soup, stir fried, steamed or boiled.


Care for this weeks ingredients:


Lettuce, Bok Choy & Mizuna: Wash or at least rinse with cold water upon returning home from your CSA pickup. Greens wit quickly after they have been cut from the field, a quick cold bath will help them become turgid again. Wrap in dishtowel or paper towels and store in the crisper section of your fridge.


Broccoli: Store in the crisper to up to a week


Beets: Remove the tops from the bottoms upon returning home so they don't draw moisture from the beets. The tops should be used within a couple of days- check the link for beet green recipes. Beet bottoms can last weeks in the crisper.



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