What's in the Basket!


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White bunching onions

Green Cabbage

Summer Squash


Green Kale


Family Size:

Same, larger quantities


Fruit Shares:



Care for this weeks ingredients:


Kale: Wash or at least rinse with cold water upon returning home from your CSA pickup. Greens wilt quickly after they have been cut from the field, a quick cold bath will help them become turgid again. Wrap in dishtowel or paper towels and store in the crisper section of your fridge.


Summer Squash: Store in fridge- best if used within 3 days, will last 5-7 in crisper.


Tomatoes: DO NOT REFRIGERATE. If you woudl like them riper, simply leave them on a windowsill, otherwise leave them on your kitchen counter. Will last up to a week, depending on ripeness.


White Bunching Onions: also called Spring Onions. Small and sweet these babies are! Can be used raw- or great braised. Tops can be used as well for garnish. Keep in fridge for 1-2 weeks, not necessary to remove greens right away.


Cabbage & Carrots: Store in the crisper for weeks- remove the greens from the carrots for optimum freshness.



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