Welcome to week 6 of our 2018 Summer CSA Program!

Pick up is at Woodbury Floral Designs-

15 Hollow Rd., Woodbury CT. Pick up time is 1:00pm-6:00pm on Tuesday. If you can not make it in time to pick up, please notify us at 203.266.9149 so we can make other arrangements.

ALL baskets not picked up on your pick up day will be donated to the Woodbury Food Bank.

PLEASE bring back the empty basket from last week in exchange for another full one. We are trying to keep a closer eye on the baskets this year as the expense of them really adds up.

If there is anything in your basket you or your family doesn't eat, we do offer a swap table where you can exchange 1 item for another- if it is in the swap table.

We like to thank all our members by offering a 10% discount on anything in the shop! Whether it's more produce, our farm raised meat, sauce, syrup, spices, or flowers and gifts- it's our way of showing you our appreciation for your patronage.


Farm Fresh News

Those high tunnel tomatoes have come a long way!

We used to talk a lot about high tunnels, then we thought we were boring you. Then we remembered we have all these new and awesome members, soooo let's talk about them again!

A high tunnel is a greenhouse-like covering over open soil- this allows us to plant directly into the ground. How is this different from Hot House Tomatoes? Hot House tomatoes are kept in regular greenhouse structures, where the plants themselves are planted into containers and cared for on benches. The benefits of a high tunnel allow us to get the best flavor in the tomato, since they are planted directly in the soil. We are also able to plant them earlier than in the field since the protective covering keeps the strong sun's heat inside and warms the soil.


Other issues, such as pollinators come into play when in an enclosed environment, but we have put our bumble bees to work on this task back in May to ensure fruit on the vine.



What's in the Basket!

Share for 2:

Yellow Squash

Golden Beets

Pickling Cucumbers (you don't have to pickle them- it's just the size)





Family Size:

Same, larger quantities


Fruit Shares:

Blueberries, Peaches and Plums


Care for this weeks ingredients:



Summer Squash: Store in fridge- best if used within 3 days, will last 5-7 in crisper.


Tomatoes: DO NOT REFRIGERATE. If you woudl like them riper, simply leave them on a windowsill, otherwise leave them on your kitchen counter. Will last up to a week, depending on ripeness.


Beets: Cut the greens off when you return home. Wash greens and wrap in a dishtowel, use the greens within 3 days. Beet bottoms will store in crisper for weeks.


Fennel & Cauliflower: Store in the crisper for weeks- remove the greens from the fennel for optimum freshness.



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