What's in the Basket!

Share for 2:



Red Cabbage (may vary)

'Candy' Onions


Pickling Cukes


Family Size:

Same, larger quantities


Fruit shares:

Blueberries, Peaches, Nectarines and Plums

Care for this weeks ingredients:

Squash and Red Cabbage: Store in fridge- best if squash is used within 3 days, will last 5-7 in crisper. Cabbage will last 2-3 weeks or longer in the crisper

Tomatoes: DO NOT REFRIGERATE. If you would like them riper, simply leave them on a windowsill, otherwise leave them on your kitchen counter. Will last up to a week, depending on ripeness.

Swisschard: Wash or at least rinse upon returning home. Wrap in dish towel and store in the fridge. Best if used with in 3 days.

Onions: The candy onions are called this for just the reason you think- because they are sweet. Store in crisper, they have not quite grown a paper wrapper yet to be kept in storage.

Corn: Store in fridge- use as soon as possible for optimum freshness. Picked corn starts loosing it's sugar content almost immediately.

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